Wrinkles On Face ?? …….. The Answer is BOTOX…

Nature has its own ways of saying,” you are growing old “.

Lines or wrinkles on face is one of those ways.Everything is going fine,you are full of youthful energy,enjoying life to the fullest until one fine day or morning when you look in the mirror and find that one line running across your forehead or the other way this reality is dawned on you is when you get a photograph clicked and suddenly you see lines radiating out from your eyes while you were giving your best smile out and that is depressing!!

So then what do we normally do?

get a facial of course!! drink a lot of water!! or some might say we just use make up..after all its aging and lines or wrinkles are but obvious to come.

Why is it so normal to accept face lines?

The answer is very very simple…because our mom,dad,grand parents and relatives had them too!!

funny_old_lady_cartoon_1277904521However,times have changed and so has medical management of aging.This article will precisely help you understand that.

Lets understand why do wrinkles or lines occur.

We have beneath our skin many muscles which are used for producing different face expressions like smiling,grimacing,frowning,worry,anger ,shock and so on and so forth.

  • v2-21-facial-expressionsv1v2v4

When we use these muscles of facial expression over the years the skin overlying these muscles forms lines or indentations which are called wrinkles.To put it simply its like when you fold a paper over and over again or crumble it and when you unfold it you see lines at the point of folding…that is how wrinkles exactly form..

Moving on..let me tell you the different names we have for areas of wrinkles on our face :-

1. Forehead lines ( horizontal lines on forehead)
2. Glabellar lines ( Vertical lines between our eyebrows)
3. Crow’s feet ( radiating lines from the side of our eyes )
4. Bunny lines ( lines when we squeeze or nose in disapproval or disgust )
5. Peri oral lines ( around the upper lip)

forehead lines
forehead lines

“But Doc when will you tell us about Botox??” Have patience…now is the time, the main lead of our article comes into picture..

Botulinum toxin or Botox, as it is popularly known, relaxes the muscles of facial expression once it is put inside those muscles.As the muscles are now relaxed,the over lying skin thus does not develop wrinkles or the existing wrinkles do not deepen further.
“Does the effect last a life time?” or “is it permanent”, is what patients usually ask.

My answer is simple…When you have fever and you take Crocin (paracetamol) to relieve it, is the effect then permanent or do you need to take the tablet again when the fever comes haunting you again? Of course you need to take it again
similarly the effect of Botox is also not permanent,it lasts up to 4-6 months on an average ,after that it needs to be repeated.

However one advantage which Botox offers is that its dose keeps on reducing as treatments are taken over years.

                                                                                      Are botox injections painful?


Before the procedure a cream is applied over the respective areas.This cream numbs the area thus making the process pain free.moreover we use the finest of the equipment to put botox in the muscle making the procedure comfortable for the patient

What is the cost of Botox?

Botox treatment is charged on the basis of per unit.each area of face requires different number of botox units hence charges depend on that.The following picture will give you a fair idea.


Other uses of Botox.

Botox can be used for eyebrow lift,for gummy smiles, defining the jaw line etc etc.

Eye brow lift
Eye brow lift

Look at those eyebrows!!! This famous actor got this look thanks to Botox!

When is the right time to get this treatment done ?

As soon as yo want. Botox acts by preventing the line to either form or prevent them from deepening further.Thus sooner you begin better it is for you.


Say bye to wrinkles !! We are living in a world where age is actually just a number.Gone are the days when lines on face were considered to be a sign of maturity.Maturity and responsibility should be judged by one’s actions and behavior and not by the line on face…!!!

What do you have to say about that??


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